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California sought statehood in 1849 and became the 31st state on Sept. 9, 1850. The Compromise of 1850 saw California enter the Union as a non-slavery state.


The lure of gold, however, drew a horde of prospectors and other immigrants in numbers which exceeded the figure of 60,000 required to become a state. They now demanded to accede to the Union. The problem was that there were no slaves in California, and white miners did not want black slaves to be used to undercut them as labour in the diggings.


Although California entered the Union as a free state, the framers of the state constitution wrote into law the systematic denial of suffrage and other civil rights to non-white citizens. Some authorities went so far as to attempt to deny entry of all African-Americans, free and slave, to California.


Although California had entered the American union as a free state, the "loitering or orphaned Indians" were de facto enslaved by their new Anglo-American masters under the 1853 Act for the Government and Protection of Indians. There were also massacres in which hundreds of indigenous people were killed.


In 1821, Mexico, including Alta California, became an independent republic. In 1846, a group of American settlers in Sonoma declared the independence of a California Republic. As a result of the Mexican-American War, Mexico ceded California to the United States. It became the 31st state admitted to the union on September 9, 1850.


California did enter the Union as a free state - too big to fit the terms of the Missouri Compromise.The key question was: What would have happened if California had entered the Union as two ...


Though the state did not secede (as some pushed for), a number of prominent Californians went on to join the CONFEDERATE Army. This story and how it fed into the North-South tensions leading to the Civil War is well told in a recent book by Leonard L Richards -- *The California Gold Rush and the coming of the Civil War* (2007).


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Start studying Ch. 15, Slavery and Sectionalism. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. ... Which state entered the Union as a free state as a result of the Missouri Compromise? ... how did California enter the Union?


Though it had only been a part of the United States for less than two years, California becomes the 31st state in the union (without ever even having been a territory) on this day in 1850. Mexico ...