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A shaking car steering wheel is a sign that the tire wheels are bent, the wheel bearings are damaged or the wheels are unbalanced. Other issues could be related to suspension or the brakes.


If a car's steering wheel shakes when driving at high speeds, the cause is most likely a bent wheel. While that is the most common issue, such a problem can also be caused by suspension problems, according to O'Reilly Auto Parts.


The most common reasons for a steering wheel to shake at 70 miles per hour are uneven tire wear and a small bend in the wheel. The vibration is felt in the steering wheel as the harmonic frequency of the rotating tire exceeds the dampening capabilities of the car's susp...


A car can begin to shake because of engine problems, axle problems or brake trouble. The shaking of a car can also be caused by wobbly wheels or tire problems.


Involuntary shaking is usually caused by some form of nerve damage that corrupts the communication between the brain and muscle cells in the body, explains MedicineNet. Associated health conditions include multiple sclerosis, amphetamine use, mercury poisoning, stroke, ...


The most frequent cause of shaky hands is essential tremor, which refers to an irreversible process that occurs due to improper functioning of the brain, as Healthline explains. Other causes of shaking hands include Parkinson’s disease, excessive intake of caffeine, sei...


WebMD lists a number of conditions associated with body shaking, including the flu in adults, viral syndrome and Parkinson's disease. An acute stress reaction or cold exposure also causing body shakes. WebMD also notes several other causes, including coxsackie virus inf...