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According to suicideknob.net, a website dedicated to steering wheel spinners, no state law prohibits their use, but they may be illegal under some local city laws and ordinances. Confirm their legal status with local police and the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) before installing one.


Control knobs control devices that are controlled by operator input. These knobs are used to control and operate certain types of medical, scientific and industrial equipment, and they are also used in a number of home appliances and entertainment systems.


As of 2015, a few good locations where replacement control knobs fcan be purchased are Home Depot, Lowe's and Appliance Parts Pros. Control knobs are available for appliances and lighting.


Places to purchase steering wheel spinner knobs include AutoZone, Wholesale Marine and Jack's Small Engines. Amazon.com also carries a variety of spinner knobs for passenger vehicles, boats and tractors, as of November 2015.


Fitz-all and Horizon Kitchen knobs are replacement cover knobs for cookware, sold by Amazon.com as of January 2016. Cookware Pot knobs available on eBay, has a plastic covering and a stainless steel base. A plastic cover on the knob provides a safe grip for the user.


Steps required to repair a loose door knob include removing the door knob, removing the base, locating and tightening screws, and securing the door knob to the door. Door knobs either have exposed set-screws or hidden screws. Exposed door knob screws are easy to see and are usually removed with an A


Knobs and pulls are for sale at a variety of national retail stores, including Home Depot, Restoration Hardware, and Anthropologie. They may also be available at smaller, local retailers in particular areas.


Some different types of crystal pulls and knobs include small, medium or large hexagonal or octagonal cabinet knobs; crystal bridge drawer pulls with fluted or hexagonal ends; square cabinet knobs of different sizes; and knobs made of fluted glass. There are also knobs made of faceted or ribbed crys


Replacing stove knobs requires removing the old knobs from the stove by hand and attaching the replacement knobs. Look for the D-shaped part inside the knew knob. Attach the new knob on to the knob's shaft with the D-shape inside the knob facing down.


Mini vases, wine stoppers, place card or picture holders, and hooks are among many uses for vintage door knobs. Using old door knobs as curtain tie backs, finials on curtain rods and drawer pulls are other interior options. Exterior uses include fastening vintage knobs to the tops of garden stakes o