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wheel nut torque specifications (shown in ft. lbs.) make/model acura years torque make/model infiniti all models except: ilx, tsx, zdx mdx, rdx rl tl tl zdx 2012-90 2013 2013 2012-05 2013 2012-09 2012-10 80 65 85 94 85 94 94


Torque is the amount of rotating force applied to a fastener, such as a lug nut. The axle and wheel assemblies of your RV are designed differently than those on your car. The overall size, weight and center of gravity of a RV subject the wheels to pressure unique to trailing.


2. Tighten bolts or nuts in the sequence shown for Wheel Torque Requirements. 3. The tightening of the fasteners should be done in stages. Following the recommended sequence, tighten fasteners per wheel torque requirements diagram. 4. Wheel nuts/bolts should be torqued before first road use and after each wheel removal. Check and re-torque after


Re: Wheel Hub Torque Specs The service manual says the torque spec for the three wheel hub mounting bolts are 85 lb ft and the axle nut is 74 lb ft plus an additional 35°. 2007 Ion 2 Quad Coupe 5-speed manual 183K miles *gone*


Using an appropriate torque wrench, properly tighten all of the driver and passenger side rear outer wheel lug nuts to 500 Nm (362 lb ft) in the sequence set forth in Figure 1 below. NOTE: Driver side rear outer wheel nuts are left-hand threaded and must be torqued counter-clockwise.


– Unitized part consisting of nut body (2), two locking clips (4), and a retainer cage (5). – Uses locking clips to maintain joint security and ensure proper end-play. – Axilok® size (3) and socket size (1) markings – Significantly reduces the time required for wheel bearing adjustment. – Delivers accurate results in the process.


The front axle nut torque spec is considerably lower than the rear axle nut. The factory service manual lists the front axle torque spec as 70 to 75 foot pounds. We would always suggest reaching for the higher number on a larger fastener such as this. The front axle nut is metric. Use a twenty four millimeter socket with a reliable torque wrench.


The Mini & BMW wheel lug bolt/nut tightening torque values are listed below ;MINI through June/06 (12mm lug bolts) = 95 ftlbs MINI July/06-on (14mm lug bolts) = 105 ftlbs . 1600 / 2002 = 65 ftlbs. Bavaria / CS = 65 ftlbs. E21 (3 series thru 83) = 60 ftlbs E30 (3 series 84-91) = 75 ftlbs


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Well I don't know if my factory 18" wheels are aluminum or magnesium (the sales brochure says "alloy") but of all the types of wheels Toyota put on the 2012 - they all have the same torque rating according to the factory specs. I've seen nothing to the contrary. You won't find factory specs with torque ratings specifically for aluminum wheels.