The role of the Japanese shogun was to act as the top military leader. It was the emperor who first granted this title. The establishment of the position saw the beginning of the rule of shoguns for over 700 years in Jap... More »

The role of the emperor of Japan under the Tokugawa shoguns was effectively that of a figurehead. The emperor retained enough power to exert influence on popular public opinion but had no official power or influence beyo... More »

The presidential role in the country of Belize belongs to the Prime Minister, Dean O. Barrow. Mr. Barrow was sworn into office on February 8th, 2008 as a result of a landslide general election victory in Belize's sixth p... More »

Mikhail Gorbachev was a Soviet-era political leader famous for his role in the termination of the Cold War and the collapse of the Berlin Wall, which paved the way for the rejoining of East and West Germany. He orchestra... More »

The role of a Consul is to protect the interests of his country's citizens who live abroad in the country in which he is stationed. He directs the Consulate, a diplomatic mission that provides a number of services and re... More »

Examples of intentional torts include fraud, misrepresentation, false imprisonment, slander and libel, according to Nolo. Assault, battery and wrongful death may be considered intentional torts and crimes depending on th... More »

The English Bill of Rights is a document penned and approved by Parliament in 1689 that limited the powers of co-sovereigns William and Mary. The document outlines the rights of Parliament, including freedom of speech, r... More »