The Berlin Wall was built to divide communist East Germany from democratic West Germany and to keep East Germans from escaping to West Germany. After World War II, defeated Germany was divided into four zones, each occup... More »

The traditional date marking the fall of the Berlin Wall is Nov. 9, 1989. On this day, the government of East Germany allowed people to cross freely into West Berlin. The government removed some portions of the wall to c... More »

The Berlin Wall was constructed by the Communist government of the German Democratic Republic of East Germany in 1961. The wall separated the western and eastern parts of Berlin and cut off West Berlin from the rest of E... More » History Modern History

Cultural differences between East and West Germany are present in religion, prosperity, population demographics and individual mentality. While the two initially shared a common culture and identity, Communist rule in Ea... More »

The East German military began constructing the Berlin Wall in 1961 for the purpose of preventing civilians from crossing into West Berlin, which was part of West Germany. The wall began as a line of barbed wire guarded ... More » History Modern History Modern Europe

Berlin is located in northeastern Germany. It is the capital and largest city of Germany; it covers an area of 892 square kilometers. The city of Berlin is a major tourist destination in Europe. More » Geography Europe Germany

Life in East Berlin during Communist rule was filled with fear and distrust, with residents experiencing food and employment shortages. East Berlin was cut off from West Germany in 1961 with the construction of the Berli... More »