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Surprisingly, it is difficult to know which play was Shakespeare's first because so little documentary evidence has survived. Scholars are forced to use historical events and contemporary diary entries to piece together a rough chronology, but the exact order of the plays has been in dispute – and perhaps always will be.


Shakespeare's first play was most likely Henry VI Part I, which was first performed between 1590 and 1591 and printed in 1594. Because no recorded dates exist for first performances of any of Shakespeare's plays, scholars have to make decisions based on several types of information.


Edmond Malone was the first scholar to construct a tentative chronology of Shakespeare's plays in An Attempt to Ascertain the Order in Which the Plays attributed to Shakspeare were Written (1778), an essay published in the second edition of Samuel Johnson and George Steevens' The Plays of William Shakespeare.


The plays written by English poet, playwright, and actor William Shakespeare have the reputation of being among the greatest in the English language and in Western literature.Traditionally, the plays are divided into the genres of tragedy, history, and comedy; they have been translated into every major living language, in addition to being continually performed all around the world.


William is thought to have written the play Henry IV, Part Two and Shakespeare’s reputation as an actor is confirmed his performance in Ben Jonson’s Every Man in his Humor which clearly lists his name as a principal actor in the London play. 1598-99. William writes the play Much Ado About Nothing in this year.


The identity of the first play written by the Elizabethan poet and playwright William Shakespeare (1564–1616) is quite controversial among scholars. Some believe it was "Henry VI Part II," a history play first performed in 1590–1591 and published (that is, according to records kept in the "Stationer's Register") in March 1594. Others suggest it was "Titus Andronicus,&q...


The Tempest is widely considered to be the last surviving play written by William Shakespeare alone, and was performed by the King's Men in November 1611.


Which play did Shakespeare write first? Shakespeare probably began to write for the stage in the late 1580s, and, as far as we can tell, he started with the Henry VI trilogy. For more information about Shakespeare's play chronology, and an answer to why we cannot tell exactly which play he wrote first, please visit my play chronology section.


His first play was written 6 years after he was married.He was married at the age of 18, to Anne Hatheway. We are not sure what the exact date shakespeare wrote his first play, which was Henry VI ...


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