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Carl Valle. A popular question every February is how fast can Usain Bolt run the 40 yard dash if he was to partake in the NFL Combine? What seems like a simple and straightforward question at first is actually still a little bit of a mystery as some unknowns exist with the differences in extrapolating 100 m track performances to those at Indianapolis.


Usain Bolt is the fastest man in the world. How fast could the three-time Olympic 100m champion run the 40-yard dash?


Usain Bolt 40 Yard Dash speedendurance. ... USAIN BOLT SHUTS DOWN A REPORTER WHO ASKS ABOUT DRUGS IN 100m Finals PRESS CONFERENCE ... MLB Greatest Outfield Throws of All time - Duration: 6 ...


Usain Bolt set the world record for the 100-meter dash in 2009 at 9.58seconds. It is believed that he could run the 40-meter dash in less than 4 seconds.


pjimage-2.jpg. Usain Bolt (right), blew off a challenge from the Cincinnati rookie wide receiver John Ross, who wanted race the world's fastest man in a 40-yard dash.


Usain Bolt has not been timed running a 40-yard dash as of 2014. However, experts have speculated how long it would take him to run this distance. Carl Valle of Freelap predicts that it would take Bolt 3.96 seconds in ideal conditions. Former NFL coach Brian Billick was quoted as saying he thought Bolt might run the 40-yard dash in 3.97 seconds.


According to the data, at 36.58 meters (or 40 yards) Usain Bolt’s time was ~4.35. Simple. Wait. 4.35? Usain Bolt is slower than the top football players at the 40-yard dash? Well, it certainly looks that way at first glance. But there is at least one major factor we’ve yet to consider in the analysis: Reaction time.


Usain Bolt Ties NFL Record in 40-Yard Dash. ... who hit that mark in the 40-yard dash at the 2017 NFL Combine. ... This wouldn’t be the first time Bolt took on another professional sport.


Olympic sprinter destroys John Ross' 40 time after Bengals receiver says he's faster than Usain Bolt ... A lot of talk about 40-yard dashes this ... In the 40-yard dash, I think I would get Usain ...