A dram is a unit of mass that is equal to either 1/16 ounce, 1.77 grams in the avoirdupois system of measurement or 1/8 ounce in the apothecaries' system. The related unit of measurement is the fluid dram, and it is used... More »

The Newton is an SI unit measuring force. One Newton is described as the force it takes to accelerate one kilogram of mass 1 meter per second. More »

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The standard unit of measurement for mass is a gram, as designated by the International System of Units (SI). While many industries continue to measure mass in ounces, pounds and tons in the United States, metric measure... More »

As grams are a unit of mass and milliliters are a unit of volume, you need to know the density of the substance you are measuring in milliliters in order to convert the measurement from milliliters to grams. In the case ... More »

A gram is a unit of measurement for mass or weight in the metric system. There are 1000 grams in a kilogram, so 500 grams would be a half a kilogram. In US customary units, 500 grams is a little more than a pound. More »

A troy ounce is a unit of measurement commonly used to designate weights of certain precious metals such as silver or gold. One troy ounce is equivalent to 31.1034768 grams. One pound of gold is equal to 14.58 troy ounce... More »

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To read an ounce conversion chart, find the number of ounces you wish to convert in the left hand column and find the corresponding unit of measurement in the next column of the same row. Some ounce conversion charts dis... More »