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The Forms Site provides access to online forms for the programs and services delivered by Service Canada and its partner departments. With My Service Canada Account, you can view and update your Employment Insurance, Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security information online. The Government of ...


The Government of Canada (French: Gouvernement du Canada), officially Her Majesty's Government (French: Gouvernement de Sa Majesté), is the corporation responsible for the federal administration of Canada. In Canadian English, the term can mean either the collective set of institutions or specifically the Queen-in-Council.


Canada's government is a federal parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy. This means that Canada, as a federation, is governed by both provincial and federal governments. Prime Minister Canada's government has a prime minister, who is the senior member of the country's elected federal parliamentary democracy.


Service Canada, Online Services and Forms. Suggest Update | Suggest New Volunteer Opportunity | PDF (New Window) Share: Record #: CWD1527: Last ... Description and Service; Description (Service) Online access to forms and application kits are available in a downloadable and printable PDF format from the Internet Includes forms for: Income ...


Service Canada, Online Services and Forms. Suggest Update | Print Version (New Window) Share: Record #: CWD1527: Last Modified: 07 Dec 2018: ... Online access to forms and application kits are available in a downloadable and printable PDF format from the Internet Includes forms for: Income Security Programs * Canada Pension Plan (CPP) * CPP ...


The monarchy is formally the authority of Canada, while the government works as a corporation. This means that the reigning sovereign is the legal governor of the nation, but the executive power essentially rests with what is known as the Queen-in-Council, the executive branch.


Government type: federal parliamentary democracy (Parliament of Canada) under a constitutional monarchy; a Commonwealth realm Definition: This entry gives the basic form of government. Definitions of the major governmental terms are as follows. (Note that for some countries more than one definition applies.):


What Type of Government Does Canada Have? The Canadian government is a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary democracy. The government is comprised of the executive, judicial and legislative branches.


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