Greece has a capitalist economy with the public accounting for around 40 percent of the gross domestic product, or GDP. The majority of Greece's economy centers around the service sector, which includes such areas as gam... More »

Greece operates under a parliamentary government headed by the president and parliament. Greece's government has three branches, similar to the United States. The legislative and executive branches are headed by the pres... More »

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Spain has a mixed capitalist economy, which means both the state and the private sector directs the condition of the economy. In terms of per capita income, Spain has the 12th largest economy in the world. More »

Inaccurate reporting of revenues and expenditures from the mid-1990s to 2014 contributed to Greece's financial crisis, along with corruption and tax evasion. The economic crisis dropped the country from the 28th largest ... More » World View Social Sciences Economics

Full-employment gross domestic product refers to the output of an economy operating at its highest potential and with employment at an ideal level. It represents output in a situation in which an economy is not moving to... More »

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