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Non-breeding tank temperature. If you’re not interested in breeding your goldfish then you should keep your temperature at a steady temperature all year round. A tank temperature of approximately 23°C/74°F will be high enough to encourage a good rate of growth in your goldfish, without being so high that your goldfish become stressed.


You’ve probably heard this before: “Goldfish are cold-water fish. Keeping them in warm water can harm them.” But is that really true? Today I’m going to show you the actual evidence that will show you the ideal goldfish temperature range for your water, depending on the kind of goldfish you keep.


The best temperature range for most Goldfish is sixty-eight to seventy-five degrees, and some breeds prefer even warmer temperatures. So, what is the ideal Goldfish water temperature for you? Goldfish are exothermic, like all fish. Their body temperature is determined by the temperature of the water.


Breeding goldfish requires a gradual rise from cooler water to warmer, imitating the spring thaw of an outdoor pond. If the aquarist wants the fish to spawn, the room temperature water must be partially changed out and cold water applied several times a week until the tank's water temperature stays around 38 to 40 degrees.


According to the Rochester Institute of Technology, a goldfish tank should be kept at room temperature. A heater is not needed. However, tap water should be allowed to sit overnight in order to reach the proper temperature, as well as to let chlorine evaporate.


This temperature is a little warm for goldfish, but they should be fine in it. They can survive any temperature 50-77 degrees Fahrenheit or 10-25 degrees Celsius. As a goldfish owner I keep my tank at 72 degrees Fahrenheit or 22 degrees Celsius. To keep it cooler I would keep the tank in shade and maybe have a few fans running.


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Ideal temperature for goldfish is around 68°F. Don't let the water get over 75°F or below 55°F. Go. ... Their ideal tank temperature would be around 65-70F. They can tolerate up to 74-75F but ...


Start by slowly lowering the aquarium water temperature (no more than 2ºF per hour). Your ending “winter” temperature should read between 50ºF and 55ºF. If you allow your goldfish aquarium water temperature to become any lower than that, it can cause your goldfish to go into shock as well as become inactive.


However, some fancy goldfish are not as hardy as some less showy relatives and stability is the name of the game, so avoid placing tanks near radiators or in direct sunlight. If keeping fancy goldfish outside you will have far less control over temperatures but, in my experience, this has no adverse effects.