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What Tattoo Symbolizes Loyalty? There are numerous symbols representing loyalty that can be used as inspiration for a tattoo. The heart, the Irish "claddagh", the French "fleur-de-lis" and the Egyptian "ankh" all represent loyalty. Additionally, animals, such as swallows, cranes, eagles, wolves, elephants and dogs represent loyalty. ...


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Love Loyalty Tattoos; This is another wonderful design and it can be selected by any person. Love loyalty symbol together with a heart is selected to display loyalty to the loved ones. Some people like to include the names or some other symbols along with the love loyalty design. Some tattoo enthusiasts want to add a personal touch to their symbol.


Find and save ideas about Loyalty symbols on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Get meaning, Long for meaning and Symbols that mean family. ... Eagle Tattoos: Symbol of Loyalty, Power, Wisdom, Freedom Eagle tattoo is probably one of the oldest emblems being marked on the human body.


There are quite a number of tattoos that symbolize loyalty. Some ofthe common ones include the crane, doves, swallows, sunflowers andso many more.


You can put Loyalty in Japanese or Chinese or some other language but that's about it. There is a Tattoo Symbol for Life, Love and Loyalty but currently no known official tattoo symbol for just ...


Loyalty tattoos are often shared between married and other long-term couples. It is meant to show a commitment level that cannot be erased. In a way, these Loyalty tattoos hold more meaning to the owners than the wedding rings they wear on their fingers since they can’t just take their tattoos off.


Loyalty tattoo designs often take these powerful symbols and fuse them together with other elements that mean something to the customer to create custom loyalty tattoo designs. Unlike other prominent tattoo themes like love and trust it’s quite rare to see these symbols in isolation. A good example of this is the Love, Life, Loyalty symbol ...


In answering your question regarding what are some symbols of loyalty: All language is symbolic, and our ability to understand each other within a given culture depends upon our shared sense of the meanings of words.


Animal Tattoo Dictionary. American Eagle: The Eagle is a patriotic bird in the United States, the official symbol of the American flag. In many countries, an American flag tattoo represents purity, power, and beauty. Bear: The Bear is a prominent symbol worldwide. Haida bears have long stood as symbols for wisdom, protection, and spirituality.