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As of 2015, Outback Steakhouse offers a "No Worries Wednesday" three-course special every Wednesday. Diners choose a soup or side salad, an entree and a dessert. Prices start at $12.99 to $19.99, depending on the entree.


Some good Outback Steakhouse recipes include Outback Steakhouse clam chowder, Victoria's crowned filet with horseradish crumb crust and bloomin' onion. Besides using sweet Vidalia onions to make the bloomin' onion recipe, the key is to cut it correctly so that it is attached on the underside while s


As of 2015, Outback Steakhouse allows customers to personally design their own gift cards. Using the company's website, shoppers can upload their own photographs and messages to create their own unique cards.


To find coupons for Outback Steakhouse, go to Outback.com and click on the Offers link at the top of the page. Click on the individual coupons to view detailed information and to print them.


Customers may check the balance of an Outback Steakhouse gift card at Outback.com or at BloominBrands.com. This includes corporate gift cards purchased in bulk and premade gift cards.


Visit the Outback.com website and click the Gift Cards link at the top of the home page. Click Check Your Balance at the bottom of the gift card page. In the pop-up window that opens, enter the information on the card to establish ownership and check the balance.


Outback Steakhouse accepts printed coupons, as of 2015. Customers can oftenfind printable coupons directly from the restaurant's official website.


As of May 2015, Outback Steakhouse does not offer free steak dinner coupons, but a variety of locations accept other coupons. Customers can obtain such coupons from Outback's official website as well as third-party coupon providers such as Coupons.com and Groupon.


The recipe for Outback Steakhouse sangria, also known as New South Wales sangria, has not been made available to the public. The restaurant's Bar and Beverage menu describes the beverage as a refreshing mixture of brandy and red wine blended with mango, orange and pineapple juices.


To cook Outback Steakhouse-style rib eye steak for four, use 4 pieces of rib eye steak. Mix 4 to 6 teaspoons of salt, 4 teaspoons of paprika and 2 teaspoons of ground black pepper. Add 1 teaspoon each of cayenne pepper, onion powder and garlic powder and 1/2 teaspoon each of coriander and turmeric.