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What sound does an elephant make? Elephants make a variety of sounds including rumbling and trumpeting. Trumpeting is created by pushing air through the trunk and is used when an elephant is highly stimulated. Rumbling is the regular form of communication with each other.


What sounds do elephants make? We all know Asian elephants can trumpet, but did you know they squeak, chirp, and rumble too? Besides vocalizations, they make other sounds as they eat, move, and bathe. Listen… Trumpeting. Elephants trumpet when they are highly stimulated.


Elephants make many sounds, including low frequency rumbles, barks, snorts, cries, roars and chirps, according to ElephantVoices. The low-frequency rumble is used most often by elephants. Defenders of Wildlife says that this rumble travels quickly over the ground and that the elephants receive the messages through their feet and trunks.


I haven’t seen many attempts to spell the sound an elephant makes. However, I do offer an answer down below. Some of the elephant’s sounds have names—for example, trumpeting. That’s true of course for many common animals and their sounds—moo, low,...


Elephants make a number of sounds. They make specific sounds related to sex and danger which we can hear and understand. However, they have a much larger number of sounds which are too low in ...


The kind of sound that an elephant makes is called trumpeting. It is a highly stimulated sound which has the most vocalizations that is usually made through the larynx. Elephants who trumpet may ...


I must do something about this. By venting on Medium. So here we are. Because I don’t actually know what sound an elephant makes, I did what I always do when I don’t have an answer: I forced ...


This one's difficult, since the greater part of the sound the elephant makes is outside the range of human hearing (lower in pitch). I would describe what we do hear as "eRowrrh!", the sound of a trumpet that's very flat.