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What Size Dining Table Do You Need to Seat 12? To seat 12 people, the table size is dependent on the shape of the table. If it is a circular table, the table diameter can range from 8 to 9 feet. For a square table, a suitable size can be approximately 8 feet, while a rectangular table can have a dimension of 4.5 feet in width by 10 feet in ...


Rectangle dining table size for 12. The smallest rectangle dining table size needed to fit 12 seats would be around 120 x 55 inches (10ft x 4’6”; 305 x 140cm), which would also comfortably sit 10. To seat six side-by-side, the minimum space required would 144 x 31 inches (12ft x 2’6″; 366cm x 76cm).


Check out the dining room size page to find out what size room you need to fit the table. Circular Dining Table Size Once a circular table gets larger than 6' in diameter conversation across the table becomes difficult - this is similar to the distance that applies in a living room conversation area .


Rectangular vs. Oval - Dining Table Dimensions Rectangular tables will seat more people than ovals. For oval tables, you will usually need to add an extension or two to the above dimensions. What are your largest table sizes? The largest table we offer is our Hartford Trestle table and it will seat 22 people comfortably.


When determining dining table size, consider the number of seats at the table, the clearance around the table and the room's proportions. The most important thing is allowing enough clearance to ...


Find Dining Room Tables That Seat 12. Serve some dolce vita to yourself, your friends and family at a big dining table. Dining-room tables that seat 12 let you spice up the life with leisurely dinners and jaw-dropping parties. With enough space around, everyone can get invited! There's no home without a dining table …


The location and size of the dining table legs needs to be considered when working out the size of dining you need for the number of seats. If the legs are in the corners, like with the Torquay Point, they have little effect on the size unless of course they are quite chunky! If the legs of you table are a box leg like our Sunnymead or Winkipop ...


3. Square Dining Table Dimensions for 6 People. E. For 8 People. Our dining table comfortably seats 8 people but in a pinch can seat 10. When you’re able to have an 8 person table, it’s game on for dinner parties, which are a lot of fun (but also a lot of work).


what size dining table will fit 8 people ... What kind of chandelier do you hang over a dining room table that is round, square, or oval? ... If you want to comfortably seat 8, you need a table ...


Dining Room Size. By Meg Escott. When you’re looking at dining room size you might be starting with a dining room that you need to furnish, or you might be starting with a dining table that you love and want to design a dining room for it, or you might be starting with a blank slate with an idea of how many people you want to be able to seat in your dining room.