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WHat should a vampire look like? A vampire usually tends to resemble a normal human being, though specific features are different to our appearance. 1) The skin is commonly stretched tightly across the creature's body. 2) The vampire's fingernails and toenails have grown since the creature's burial so are now sharpened talons.


To look like a vampire, all you need is a little makeup and the right clothes. Use a light foundation or white costume makeup to make your face pale like you never go out in the sun. You can also make your lips blood red with the right shade of lipstick. Look for dark, gothic clothes like a vampire would wear.


What should vampire look like? Wiki User 2011-03-29 15:51:05. Well, it depends on what you belive. som look normal and some. are pale. if u ask me they look exactly human and r quite nice unless it.


Unlike the other races get that sunken pale look like the vampire count and the dark brother one. So to what I would like is that maybe they have the from dusk to dawn look where when vampires ...


42 What Do Vampires Look Like? Over the years vampires have taken on various appearances, be it sophisticated or monstrous. The most popular and well known vampire look mostly due to Bela Lugosi and his role in the old Dracula flick. Christopher Lee and Frank Langella later helped to reinforce Lugosi’s look.


It’s a familiar scene to anyone who knows vampire movies: the part where the vampire (or vampire expert) turns myth-buster and explains what vampires are really like. A perfect example is this ...


What do you think YOU would look like as a vamp? Find out! (Took FOREVER!) Well? What do you think YOU would look like as a vamp? Find out! (Took FOREVER!) Sign up Log in. Home Stories Quizzes Create Profile Settings. ... Beauty Vampire Vampyre Monster As A Vampire More..


They are anatomically similar to us because they are human corpses reanimated by a spectral and demonic force, not a separate species but a defilement and corruption of humanity itself. However they are not similar to humans in any other sense bec...


Wear mostly black clothing in a Victorian style. The vampire look is essentially goth style with a twist – both groups wear predominantly black clothing, but the vampire look leans toward a more romantic, Victorian style of dress. Victorian-era fashion references the European style of dress in the 1800s and focuses on clothing with lots of different textures and made with exotic fabrics.


Vampire wolves would be impossible to create. If a vampire bit a werewolf, the wolf would die. Vampire venom is like poison to wolves.