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An appropriate outfit for an engagement party varies based on the party's location, time and overall formality level. Generally, parties held at night or in the evening warrant more formal attire than those held during the day. An upscale locale, such as a country club or hotel, requires fancier clo


An engagement party is a celebration of a couple’s decision to get married. During the party, family and friends have the opportunity to congratulate the couple. The bride’s family usually throws the party.


Traditionally, the bride's parents are responsible for hosting and paying for the engagement party. However, this tradition is no longer locked in place, and the party may be hosted by the newly engaged couple or any combination of family and friends.


In most cases, a dark colored suit and tie is acceptable for a male wedding guest, while the groom and members of the wedding party may need to wear a tuxedo. Wedding invitations, or "save the date" notices, often inform guests of the dress code.


Women can wear a traditional sari, lengha or any brightly colored dress with a shawl, while men can wear straight pants and a button down shirt in a bright color to an Indian wedding. Men can wear a suit to the ceremony, although bright colors are preferred to the traditional black and white of West


Guests should wear business, or business casual clothing to graduations. Graduations at many schools are considered semi-formal or formal events.


Fun engagement party games include bride and groom bingo, trivia questions about the couple and plant the kiss on the groom or bride, an engagement party version of pin the tail on the donkey. Specific games for engagement parties depend on the crowd and the personalities of the engaged couple. The


Unless specifically noted on the invitation, beach weddings call for casual attire. Sundresses for ladies and khaki pants with a button-down shirt for men are generally acceptable.


Gifts are not always given at an engagement party, but they are generally accepted if given. Engagement gifts do not have to be elaborate. For example, a simple congratulatory card or a box of chocolates are both acceptable engagement gifts.


An engagement party speech should be concise, funny and informative. The engagement party is primarily for the benefit of the couple to be married, so it is important to be respectful of them.