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Below you'll find our top 17 "must-have" Hawaii packing list items for a more safe and enjoyable vacation. I also have some tips on what to wear in Hawaii, a list of items NOT to bring, and some FAQs about traveling in Hawaii. Aloha!


If you plan on visiting the Big Island and another island or two, bring 2-4 bikinis or one-pieces so you can mix and match throughout your stay. This also offers you variety for what to wear in Hawaii. If you’re an active traveler, you’re going to love these athletic bikini styles and sporty swimsuits. Take a look! Sleeveless | Long-Sleeve


Ties are seldom seen in Hawaii, but again, you may wear one if you choose. Flights - Dress comfortably and bring a jacket or sweater, due to air-conditioning on flights. Hanauma Bay - Wear bathing suit underneath casual clothing or bring bathing suit and change at location. Sandals/casual shoes.


How to Dress in Hawaii. If you're visiting Hawaii, you want to make sure you have appropriate attire. Hawaii is a fairly casual setting, so you'll need an array of casual wear for your trip. If you go out in the evenings, there's no need...


Travelers to Hawaii will find that casual attire is almost always appropriate, but when attending more formal affairs, ask ahead for guidance. Bring a few jackets and/or light sweaters for cool ...


What Should You Wear in Hawaii? In Hawaii, as a rule, one should wear cool, cotton casual clothing and comfortable shoes appropriate for activity plans. It's a good idea to bring a hat because the tropical Hawaiian sun is often intense. Shorts are often acceptable even in professional settings, and Hawaiian aloha wear is acceptable everywhere.


What to wear in the daytime on a Hawaii vacation: For daytime sightseeing, shorts and a t-shirt are all you need. If you think you might do some hiking, we recommend quick-drying, moisture-wicking clothing and a good walking shoe that you don’t mind getting dirty.If you will be going upcountry to higher elevations, you’ll want to wear something warmer — like convertible trousers and ...


Select five tops. Pull 5-8 tops out of your closet that you’d like to wear during your week in Hawaii. Choose a mix of five casual blouses and tees from the group that you can wear to different occasions or for activities. Taking tops that you can easily wash in your accommodations can also streamline your suitcase.


Basics. Hawaii is a US state, and as such adheres to the basics of American dress. You could wear what you’d normally wear at home on your day off and not feel out of place in Hawaii.


As a result, you can find tropical rain forests, cool alpine regions, arid deserts, and sunny beaches – all within just a few miles. Most of the rain falls in the mountains and valleys on the windward (northeastern) side of the islands, creating Hawaii’s rich, green, tropical environment. Honolulu, Hawaii Rain Chart in inches.