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This is both the traditional and modern gift for a 16th wedding anniversary. To go along with the silver theme, a silver locket or other piece of silver jewelry is a thoughtful gift. If the wife prefers elegant jewelry, the husband may want to consider purchasing a piece made from golden topaz, the traditional gemstone for the 16th anniversary.


16th Wedding Anniversaries Gifts for Her. Spring flowers, pink roses and delicate innocence mark out a 16th celebration. You wife will be over the moon to be presented with a bunch of beautiful pink roses and the modern 16th wedding anniversary gift of some silver holloware.


If you're wondering what to give your husband or wife for each anniversary, you're in luck. ... with plenty of ideas to please your favorite person. ... by exchanging wool on their seventh wedding ...


Check out our comprehensive list of wedding anniversaries and anniversary names from the 1st to the 90th. Select the one that’s next for you, your parents, grandparents of friends, and get some inspiration as to how best to celebrate it and what traditional, modern and quirky gifts to buy.


If you’re the crafty type, then you’re in luck! Get those creative juices flowing and make something filled with sentimental value for your honey. One adorable husband gushed about a Homemade Gift his wife gave him for their first anniversary: She turned our love story into a book and had it bound for me. I treasure it.


What to get my wife on our 16th wedding anniversary? Answer Save. 17 Answers. Relevance. Ira L. ... my parents just had their 20th aniversary, first thing thats realy good is, right in the morning tell her happy aniversary, and tell her how much you are happy to be with her and how you are the most luckyst person in the world.also, girls like ...


50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Wife. Celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary soon and don't know what sort of gift to get for your wife make for a great choice? Read the following article for some unique ideas.


Another way to choose a 16th wedding anniversary gift is to use the 16th anniversary color, which is emerald green. For example, you could get your spouse a green gemstone, tie, or shirt. For more information on buying a 16th year wedding anniversary gift, like how to choose a sentimental gift, read on!


Anniversary wedding years from 1st anniversary to 75th anniversary meanings. Anniversary celebrations began in medieval times when people celebrated 25 and 50 years of marriage. A husband would crown his wife with a wreath of silver for 25 years and of gold for 50.


When Do You Have to Get an Anniversary Gift? To put it simply, times, they are a changing. ... Contributors control their own work and posted freely to our site. ... Though wedding anniversary gift traditions date back to medieval Germany when garlands made of silver and gold were presented as gifts for the 25th and 50th years of marriage, the ...