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Cold foods can be soothing after a tongue piercing. It is also important to rinse the mouth after eating, no matter whatr food is eaten, in order to prevent infection. However, mouthwashes containing alcohol should be avoided for this purpose because they can cause irritation and delays in healing.


How to Eat with a Tongue Piercing. A tongue piercing takes about three to four weeks to heal. During that time, it's important to watch what you eat and how you eat it. You'll have to stick to softer, blander foods and chew slowly. Even...


What you need to know about eating after tongue piercing If you have settled on the choice to get your eating after tongue piercing, you should know that the tongue is something other than a piece of muscle. It is an extremely valuable muscle/organ of the mouth. We utilize it to taste, help in the biting and gulping of our sustenance, talking, and more close human collaborations.


Actually, what should you eat and what you shouldn’t eat just after getting your tongue pierced is the most important thing. And you should have proper knowledge of it. In this post, I am gonna answer all possible questions related to foods and eating precautions after tongue piercing.


After eating, you can rinse with water and have plenty to drink. If you have to touch your piercing (which you shouldn't), be sure to wash your hands well beforehand. Swelling. It is normal to have a lot of swelling after a tongue piercing. The swelling is worst on days two and three, but will reduce over the course of the week.


After a tongue piercing you should generally eat soft, bland foods until the swelling goes down. You should also rinse out your mouth with listerine or gly-oxide after each meal. share:


A tongue piercing officially takes six and eight weeks to completely heal. However, your individual healing process depends entirely on how you care for your new piercing. We'll walk you through ...


What to Eat After Tongue Piercing? It is recommended to eat mild food, such as smoothies, soups, ice cream, soft bread, and salads. How Long Does a Tongue Piercing Take to Close? The tongue wound can close in a few seconds or minutes after the jewelry is removed. How to Know If Tongue Piercing Is Infected?


After having your tongue pierced, the healing process may take as long as four weeks to heal, says the Center for Young Women's Health. During the first few weeks of healing, you'll find that your swollen tongue makes it hard for you to chew, and the site of the piercing may be painful, especially when eating hot or spicy foods.


That's a fairly large list of tongue piercing dos and don'ts to keep in mind. However, they may make getting a tongue piercing seem like a bigger deal than it really is. You may never experience any significant problems at all after your piercing, but it's good to know how to keep your healing period on track.