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This train-the-trainer course is our oldest and most popular workshop for trainers and facilitators. Taught in an interactive seminar format, this onsite training program is practical, hands on, and full of ideas people can use immediately following class.


Gain a practical, how-to overview of the entire training function in this best-in-class train-the-trainer program. Through modeling of best practices and the latest techniques in training delivery, you will experience a live demonstration of exceptional facilitation skills.


What differentiates your Train-the-Trainer program from other Train-the-Trainer companies and programs? ... we do know is that better results come through preparation and practice neither of which TrainSmart can control post-training. We offer one-on-one virtual coaching to assist in closing the gap to ensure a quality trainer.


Langevin Learning Services, TrainSmart, Inc. and the Association for Talent Development offer Train-the-Trainer certification courses. Each course covers core topics and training techniques to accommodate various learning styles. Langevin Learning Services offers three levels of Train-the-Trainer programs.


Scheduled Training programs are an excellent way to achieve compliance and meet safety goals when only a few people need training. Our most popular courses are regularly offered at our Tampa Training Center and in select cities throughout the United States.


By providing training and motivation to staff via enrollment in corporate training programs like train the trainer courses, you’ll appeal to many potential employees, allowing you to take your pick from the very best that the employee pool has to offer. Kickstart your instructor career - Select from our courses below


Outreach Training Program / How to Become an Authorized Trainer; How to Become an Authorized Trainer Construction. You must meet separate prerequisites for experience and training. You may not substitute one prerequisite to fulfill the other prerequisite. OSHA does not issue waivers for either the experience or training prerequisites.


Train-the-Trainer events are hands-on professional development opportunities for community/technical college and high school instructors. Hosted at NC3 certified Leadership (Member) Schools and lead by expert Master Instructors, these 2-5 day events offer a classroom experience for instructors to learn and become experts in the newest certifications, allowing them to bring their transformed ...


Langevin Learning Services provides three levels of Professional Certification for Trainers. It's the most recognized and widely attended certification program in the training industry. Join the more than 20,000 trainers who have been certified with Langevin to date and gain the highest credentials available in the training profession.


World's largest train-the-trainer company with virtual and instructor-led workshops, professional certifications, training best practices and more.