Karr Alarm Systems offers anti-theft alarms for cars that are outfitted with technological features designed to minimize theft. Karr systems incorporates older, traditional anti-theft security features, such as alarms, s... More »

To program a Karr Keyless Remote or transmitter to work with the Karr Security System, the system's active arming mode must be on. Active and passive arming options are available. More »

Code Alarm products are produced to be used in car alarms, replacement transmitters and remote start systems. The company offers each of these products separately or they can be bought together in the same device from ma... More »

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Viper offers manuals for its car and home alarms in the Support section of its website, Viper.com. Enter the model number of an alarm or browse a listing to find the manual, and click Download to view it as a printable P... More »

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The safety features of a car alarm system include keyless entry, starter kill switch, full vehicle sensors and remote start. In addition to safety benefits, these features offer added convenience and time-saving capabili... More »

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A Python car alarm remote is programmed using the valet button procedure that opens the radio frequencies up to the systems brain. In order to implement the procedure, the valet button must be plugged into the alarm syst... More »

Swann offers video surveillance and home security products, including high-definition cameras, alarms and smart home devices. The company specializes in making its products affordable and easy to use for the average home... More »

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