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List of places named for Christopher Columbus. Jump to navigation Jump to search. A number of places, mostly in the Western Hemisphere, have been named after Christopher Columbus, the voyager who was the first European to make the New World widely known to Europeans. Countries. Colombia; Gran Colombia (historical) Subnational jurisdictions ...


Places named after Christopher Columbus include Colombia, the South American country, Washington, D.C. and Columbia, S.C. Several states in the United States, including Ohio, Georgia, Mississippi and New York have cities named after Columbus. The Columbia River was also named after Christopher Columbus, as was Columbia University.


Located in Boston, Massachusetts. Things you can do at the park: Art Sculptures Food places Playgrounds Sports fields Riding on the ferries Spray fountain Boston Harbor You can just go there to relax. The park is about Armenian Heritage; that's why Columbus is apart of the park.


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Here are the results of my research for cities named after Christopher Columbus. ===== Columbus, Ohio ===== ?Columbus, the largest city in Ohio, is the state capital and the seat of Franklin County. It is located in central Ohio on the Scioto River.? (..) ?The state capital was laid out nearby in 1812 and named after Christopher Columbus.


Others argued for naming it Columbia, after Christopher Columbus. Scott said there was great interest in Columbus because the 300th anniversary of his famous voyage was coming up the next year. A compromise was struck: the federal enclave would be known as the city of Washington, and the general area would be called the District of Columbia.


The name Christopher Columbus is the Anglicisation of the Latin Christophorus Columbus.His name in Ligurian is Cristoffa Corombo, in Italian Cristoforo Colombo, in Spanish Cristóbal Colón, and in Portuguese, Cristóvão Colombo. He was born before 31 October 1451 in the territory of the Republic of Genoa (now part of modern Italy), though the exact location remains disputed.


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The Business Journals On Numbers ... are unincorporated places that otherwise have the characteristics of cities.) ... COMMUNITIES NAMED AFTER CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS. By G. Scott Thomas. Oct 10 ...


Christopher Columbus was an Italian explorer who stumbled upon the Americas and whose journeys marked the beginning of centuries of transatlantic colonization. The explorer Christopher Columbus ...