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The organ that is behind the belly button is the small intestine. It is part of the body's digestive system. Partially digested food from the stomach enters into the small intestine via the pyloric valve.


When the area under and right around my belly button is pushed down it hurts. What organ is directly under your belly button? Your uterus? ... However, it's much more likely that you have a bruise on the muscle wall that lies over the uterus and intestinal area. If it's a deep pain, and continues for a long time, get it checked out just in case ...


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What organ is to the right of the belly button? There is more than one. ... female. i had my tubes tied below belly button in 1987. i do not have a belly button ring. my belly button has pain in ...


what organ lies directly under the belly button and on the right hand side of the body? #5054590 - 12/12/05 08:28 PM (13 years, 4 months ago)


Pain is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong. If you’re having pain behind the belly button, then it’s time to investigate. Finding the root cause can be tricky since there are many important organs in this area. In this article, we’ll show you the most common possibilities. #1: Stomach Ulcers


Having pain around, above, below, or behind your belly button can be a worrisome experience. Some reasons for aches and pains around your belly button can be fairly harmless and resolve themselves quickly. However, sharp, incessant pains below or behind your belly button could be a symptom of a more serious condition.


Doctors give trusted, helpful answers on causes, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, and more: Dr. Myers on pain in abdomen and a knot felt just above the belly button: It could be a hernia or something else- needs to be checked out.


There are a few reasons a woman might experience pain around her belly button during pregnancy. Belly button pain is most common in the second and third trimester, as the belly continues to expand. 16 The amount of pain you experience depends on a variety of factors, and it usually goes away. Some of the most common causes include:


Pain Under the Belly Button: Women and Men Pain below the belly button may be experienced by anyone at any age, although it is more common in adult women of reproductive age. This pain commonly derives from the ovaries, uterus, stomach, and general abdominal region.