A bad water pump can make a rubbing, grinding or whining sound. A water pump is relatively silent when it is operating properly. If it makes any loud noises, it is an indication that the bearings are going out. More »

The most common indications that an automotive heater core is failing include a foggy windshield, steam coming from vents when the heater is switched on, a water surging sound inside the dashboard, a sweet-smelling aroma... More »

One of the most commonly seen symptoms that a car's water pump may be bad is puddling of water or coolant underneath the vehicle. An overheating engine may mean earlier signs were missed or ignored. More »

Rubbing, whining and grinding noises coming from the water pump are signs the bearings are about to fail. If a water pump is making any kind of noise, it means the pump is likely starting to wear out; a good water pump s... More »

The telltale signs of a bad fuel pump include sluggish acceleration, a high-pitched sound when the engine is first started, engine misfires, engine stalling and an engine that will not start at all. An automotive fuel pu... More »

The power steering fluid level is the first thing to check when a whining sound is heard coming from the power steering pump. The power steering system is a critical part of an automobile and should not be ignored, or a ... More »

The most noticeable symptom of a bad tie rod is a knocking sound coming from the front end of the vehicle when driving slowly and making a sharp turn. Turning into a parking spot often results in this symptom. More »