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When performed correctly, seated leg extensions can really make the definition on the front of your thighs pop. Correct setup, controlled movement, and the right amount of weight are key to getting the greatest benefit while placing the least amount of stress on your knees. The muscles involved in ...


According to About.com, the quadriceps are the primary muscles used in leg extensions. The quadriceps are located on the front of the thighs and include the rectus femoris, vastus intermedius, vastus lateralis and vastus medialis muscles.


All four muscles extend from the top of the thigh to the knee joint and all are involved in knee extension. During the standing leg extension, the transverse abdominis, which is the deepest layer of stomach muscle, and the obliques, the side abs, are also primary movers; they activate to help stabilize your body as you balance on one leg.


Use a leg curl machine to load the muscles in the back or posterior of the leg, primarily the hamstrings. The leg extension machine has you straighten your leg against resistance and thus works the muscles on the front or anterior of the leg -- your quadriceps.


A leg extension exercise tests how well someone is able to work against the resistance of the leg extension machine. In the process it works four muscles in the trainer's upper thighs that are ...


The leg extension is a resistance weight training exercise that targets the quadriceps muscle in the legs. The exercise is done using a machine called the Leg Extension Machine. There are various manufacturers of these machines and each one is slightly different. Most gym and weight rooms will have the machine in their facility.


Leg extensions are exercises usually done with a lever machine. You sit on a padded seat and raise a padded bar with your legs. The exercise works mainly the quadriceps muscles of the front of the thigh—the rectus femoris and the vastus muscles.


Leg extensions involve straightening your leg from a bent-knee position against a resistance while seated. The first motion, knee extension, is the concentric motion, also called the muscle-shortening motion. During this phase, the four quad muscles contract and pull on the lower leg to straighten it.


QUESTION: I see a lot of people online making fun of the leg extension machine and calling it the most useless leg exercise there is.They all say that if you’re trying to build muscle, you shouldn’t ever waste your time using it. I’ve also heard some people say it’s really bad for you knees.


These terms are used to resolve confusion, as technically extension of the joint refers to dorsiflexion, which could be considered counter-intuitive as the motion reduces the angle between the foot and the leg. Dorsiflexion is where the toes are brought closer to the shin. This decreases the angle between the dorsum of the foot and the leg.