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Clayton Homes, Champion Enterprises and Fleetwood are companies who produce top-rated mobile homes, according to Money-Zine.com. These companies also hold the most visible national presence in the mobile home market. The highest-rated mobile home producer is Clayton Homes, which manufactures mobile homes with hundreds of different floor plans.


So, which home did you like best? Well, that’s our two cents on the best and worst manufactured homes. In this list, we looked at consumer-focused homes that are commonly available. If you want to take a look at high-end models, check out these multi-million dollar mobile homes in Paradise Cove, Malibu.


But for those purchasing a new mobile home – the process is meant to be a long one, requiring patience to hold out for the best option at the best possible price. Mobile homes appeal to those wishing to own their own home, yet have limited resources available, or do not want to commit to a home costing hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Read the 4 reasons we believe there are so many negative reviews and owner complaints for mobile homes. ... The Top 4 Reasons for Manufactured Home Complaints. ... you can use all the technology in the world and have the best experts build a home but if the foundation is un-level it isn’t going to matter at all.


Find the best home builders and developers by using our guide and comparing 6K+ verified customer reviews and ratings. Top 10 Best Home Builders | ConsumerAffairs


Mobile Home Reviews Compare the Best Mobile Homes ... and Alabama. Throughout the United States, however, they sell homes under a variety of different brand names – through a “family of brands” – Shult, Crest, Karsten, Marlette, Golden West, SE Homes, Norris, Giles, Cavalier, and Buccaneer Homes. Clayton has been in the mobile home ...


Modular home manufacturers understand that energy efficiency is a key part of the prefabrication house movement. Because of this, they often incorporate energy-efficient components into their designs.


In a previous article, we revealed RV Brands and Models with the Highest Consumer Reviews and Rankings. In today’s article, we take a step back from the nitty gritty detail of RV Brands (and Model numbers) and we look at a bigger, broader landscape — how RV consumers rank order the RV manufacturers themselves.


The Top Brands of Double Wide Mobile Homes By Evan Gillespie SAVE; The recession of the past several years has been hard on the manufactured housing industry, and as the industry's market has emerged from years of contraction, a small number of companies has managed to dominate the business by acquiring smaller manufacturers and building large ...


Roughly 30% of new manufactured homes sold are placed in land-lease communities (a.k.a. manufactured home communities or mobile home parks) and financed using a personal property loan. One of the longest chapters in The Grissim Buyer’s Guide to Manufactured Homes & Land is devoted to leasing a home site in a land-lease community. Here are a ...