Pablo Picasso used common house paint for his artwork, according to LiveScience. Art historians had long thought that this was the case, but it wasn't until research was done at Argonne National Laboratory that they knew... More »

Picasso used a combination of traditional materials, such as oil paint, chalk and charcoal, with unusual materials, such as newspapers, sand and sawdust. In addition, he also used found objects, such as the seat and hand... More »

Pablo Picasso used a number of mediums, including sculpture, drawing, printmaking and ceramics; however, he is most notable for his paintings. Picasso used house paint for many of his paintings. More »

Pablo Picasso was originally inspired to paint by his father, who was an artist and drawing teacher. Later, Picasso was inspired by both known and unknown artists, including Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and Paul Cezanne. More »

Some of the artist’s major influences were Edvard Munch, Henri Toulouse de Lautrec, Paul Cézanne, Henri Rousseau and Georges Braque, who worked with Picasso to found the school of Cubism. Classically trained in the Europ... More »

Pablo Picasso primarily earned a name for himself as a gifted and accomplished painter, although he produced great artistic works in other areas too, including sculpting, printmaking, ceramics and even stage design. He s... More »

The artist Pablo Picasso, often referred to simply by his last name, was married twice. His first wife was a ballerina named Olga Khokhlova, and his second wife was an artist's model named Jacqueline Roque. More » Art & Literature Fine Art