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Your Check Engine Light may be indicating a simple problem that’s easy to fix—such as a loose gas cap that needs to be replaced. It could also be a warning of a serious problem that could damage your engine components. Your Check Engine Light blinks or glows depending on what’s wrong with your vehicle.


Have you ever wondered what causes a car's check engine light to come on? Here, we list some of the most common mechanical and electrical problems that can trigger this important warning, and ...


However, the “check engine” light can also be triggered by a number of minor issues. It is this generic function of the “check engine” light that can frustrate drivers when it lights up. It is not that uncommon for the “check engine” light to serve as notice that a part needs attention.


Check engine lights come in orange, yellow or amber, depending on the manufacturer. If the light begins flashing, however, it indicates a more serious problem, such as a misfire that can quickly ...


In general, five common malfunctions can cause the check engine light to come on, and some of them are simple to fix yourself. Let’s take a look at the most common issues.


What Makes the Check Engine Light Come On? Although the exact causes vary depending on the type of vehicle, the most common cause of the check engine light coming on is a faulty oxygen sensor. A loose gas cap also causes the check engine light to turn on, so owners should check this first.


Check engine light turns on and off in your car. How to fix check engine light in your car if it comes on and then off, DIY with Scotty Kilmer. How to diagnose a check engine light that flashes ...


Only when I run the AC the check engine light pops up along with the triangle with exclamation point , code reading throttle position sensor/ not enough voltage and the cars RPMs fluctuate and car runs really weird. I reset the computer by hooking it up to a code reader. As long as the AC is not running, car runs fine.


Check engine light. Check engine light on or flashing in your car, what it means and if you should worry, DIY with Scotty Kilmer. How to fix the check engine light and trouble codes in your car DIY.


If this was indeed the trigger, your check engine light should go off within 10 or 20 miles once you’re back on the road. 2. A certified mechanic should be able to diagnose the problem easily. Technology is on its way to helping us figure out what’s gone wrong when the check engine light comes on.