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Animals that live in rivers include fish, some insect larvae and reptiles, such as turtles. Mammals, such as river otters, beavers and muskrats, also live in rivers, as do amphibians, such as frogs and salamanders.


Animals that do not possess a backbone are known as invertebrates. These include all types of crustaceans, worms, snails and insects. Crustaceans such as crayfish, shrimp, some types of lobster and certain crab species live in streams and rivers.


Many interesting animals live in and around rivers and streams.Here are just a few... You can learn about additional freshwater animals, including insects, in the Aquatic Critters Slide Show.. Animal data and illustrations (except for the Animal Critters Slide Show) come from the Multimedia Animals Encyclopedia.


There are many types of animals that live in rivers. Raccoons,snakes, fish, frogs, platypus, and otters are all animals that stayin the rivers. share with friends. Share to:


Many species of birds summer here with many more species using the river and its forests and grasslands as stopovers during their epic migrations. More than 120 species of fish make their home in the river, along with recovering mussel populations. Otters, coyotes, deer, beaver and muskrats and other mammals live along the river's banks.


There are many types of animals that live in rivers. Raccoons,snakes, fish, frogs, platypus, and otters are all animals that stayin the rivers.


Rivers are full of life. Many forms of insects feed on microscopic life. These insects are then fed on by fish, which are fed on by birds and other animals that live near the river. A good example river life in the United States is the Alligator Snapping Turtle. Meandering Rivers. Rivers are not static places; they change over time.


5 Tucuxi. One of the most extraordinary animals found in the Amazon is the tucuxi, a species of dolphin or porpoise that lives in the river. Even though it looks like a fish, a tucuxi is actually a mammal similar to the bottlenose dolphins often found at aquariums.


The Mississippi River is home to a variety of aquatic plants and animals in a complex, interconnected ecosystem. Aquatic plants provide food and shelter to many different species in the river, and can be as small as the single-celled algae. The Mississippi River features a range of animals, from invertebrates to fish, frogs and others.


Freshwater rivers are often home a wide variety of species from insects, to amphibians, reptiles, fish, birds and even mammals. Turtles, ducks, otters, crocodiles, catfish, dragonfly and crabs can be found in rivers all around the world, and the Amazon river is even home to the rare and pink, freshwater dolphin.