The main predator of the kangaroo is the dingo. Dingos are wild dogs which are, like the kangaroo, endemic to Australia. Humans also kill and sometimes eat kangaroos as well. More »

There are many different kinds of animals that eat ferns, including white-tailed deer, rabbits and insects such as caterpillars. Not all animals can eat ferns because some are toxic to animals, such as the bracken fern, ... More »

What a kangaroo eats depends on the type of kangaroo, but generally they eat grasses, fruits, bark and flowers. There are more than 47 species of kangaroos living today. More »

A red kangaroo mostly feeds on grasses and other vegetation. The animals graze, looking for green grass as they are herbivores. More »

A baby kangaroo is known as a joey. Female kangaroos are called flyers, while male kangaroos are known as boomers. More » Pets & Animals Mammals Marsupials

Each of the four main species of kangaroo, all belonging to the family Macropodidae, has a different scientific name based on the root Macropus. All species live in Australia, and one related species, the tree kangaroo, ... More »

The majority of tree kangaroo species are native to Papua New Guinea, particularly on the Huon Peninsula in the northeastern part of the country. Tree kangaroos are also found on the continent of Australia and in the pro... More »