Those who wear dentures are able to chew most sugar-free gum. However, finding the best brand for each individual requires a person to test various brands of sugar-free gums himself, says Prevention. More »

Wrigley's manufactures Freedent and says that the chewing gum doesn't stick to dentures. Freedent chewing gum is sugar-free and comes in three flavors: winter fresh, spearmint and peppermint. Freedent is available worldw... More »

To win Bazooka bubble gum prizes, enter a prize code into the applicable field on Bazooka bubble gum is not running a contest as of June 2015. Entry rules may vary depending on the nature of a contest. More »

To make chewing gum, gum base is melted and purified, and then it is mixed with flavors and sweeteners before being rolled into a loaf of gum that goes through a series of rollers, according to Wrigley. After passing thr... More » Food Grocery Candy

For individuals suffering from phenylketonuria, a genetic inability to digest phenylalanine, chewing gum containing aspartame can lead to serious side effects, states the Huffington Post. Nearly 85 percent of chewing gum... More »

In most cases, mint-flavored chewing gum lasts longer than artificially flavored fruit chewing gum or bubble gum. This is due to the chemicals that are used to flavor the gum during production, explains More »

The ingredients in Hubba Bubba gum include sugar, gum base, corn syrup and flavoring. Other ingredients include coloring agents, chemicals to maintain freshness and artificial sweeteners. More »