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The type of clothes that Italians wear tends to depend upon the particular situation. For example, Italians tend to dress up whenever they go outside for other than recreational reasons.


What Kind of Clothes Do People Wear in Italy? In Italy, Italian people typically wear stylish clothing that has simple lines, and they usually dress less casually than Americans do. They also favor simple pieces of jewelry as accessories.


The Italians' appetite for fashions translates into the fact that many of the world's best-known designers are Italian. Italy has various clothing styles that vary from the north to the south. Just like in any other European country, Italians tend to wear clothes that are appropriate for a particular season.


I am planning a trip to Rome in April 2014 and am looking for some fashion advice. I am a Florida girl so I will probably be chilly but do not want to dress in clothing that would appear to be winter clothing to Italians. I am wondering if Italians continue wearing boots, leggings, sweaters, etc this time of year and around Easter.


To dress in Italy, opt for clothes with clean lines that fit you well, like button-down shirts for men and capri pants for women. Additionally, choose classy shoes such as boots or ballet flats, since Italians generally frown on wearing things like flip flops in public.


- no bright, flashy colors. Italians do wear bright colors, but in specific combinations and not at all times. Some colors that are typically very popular in some countries look very strange to Italians as colors for clothes, such as mustard yellow, petrol blue, bottle green and dull bordeaux red.


How to dress like an Italian. Italians take great pride in the way they look. Even if just popping out for a pint of milk, they will dress smartly. It all seems so immaculately effortless. Following on from a recent story about a local mayor banning bikinis at the marina in his seaside town, The Local provides some Italian style tips.


Italians are known for their style and looking after their appearance. The kind of clothes that Italians wear include A-line and flared skirts, linen shirts, pants or shorts and linen jackets.


What clothes should I wear in Italy in Spring? With fluctuating weather in the months of spring, layers are an absolute must! For example, what to wear in Italy in May will be different from what to wear in Italy in April. Always choose 10 to 15 items of clothing that can mix and match.


The clothes worn by wealthy Italian women looked like peasant garb, but they used richer fabrics like silk and velvet. The rich also had access to colorful dyes, so the color palette varied more widely. Upper-class Italian women also tended to wear more jewelry than peasants.