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What Jobs Did the Aztecs Do? There were a number of jobs available in Aztec society, and people had access to certain types of work depending on the social group they were born into. Farm work formed the foundation of the Aztec economy, but there were also diverse middle class occupations like merchant, artisan and soldier.


The Aztecs had various jobs and roles in society to perform that kept their great empire functioning. From the noble job of an Aztec priest who would have to sacrifice others to the gods as part of their role, to the simple but hard working Aztec farmers.


What kind of jobs did the ancient Aztec do? the Aztecs spent most of their time farming, fighting and cooking.men usually built floating farms called chimchapas that stop thecrops from flooding ...


Aztecs ate dog,a lot of corn,rich people drank hot cocoa and poor people drank water. Fruit and meat was luxurious for there were no large domistic animals.On feast days they ate deer,wild pigs ...


The most important jobs in the ancient Aztec empire were noble, priest and warrior, but there were a wide range of other jobs, including farmer, merchant and craftsman. Most young Aztec men became either warriors or farmers. The Aztecs had a strictly hierarchical society.


So, did some Native Americans prefer Spanish rulers to the Aztecs? If you were in the nobility, had supported Cortes in battle, and didn't have any silver deposits near you, the Spanish probably weren't too bad. Maybe you'd get to learn to read. For a lot of Native Americans, though, life under the Spanish was not much different than under the ...


The Aztecs needed captives to feed their hungry gods and tribute (from the captured tribe) to increase their wealth. Some soldiers lived long enough to retire. Those who did retired in comfort and wealth. Traders had an easy time of it. Other tribes were afraid of the Aztecs. They did not try to hurt the traders in any way.


Aztec children and games. Play and sport was also important in Aztec society and Aztec children were taught this from a young age. The Aztecs had ball court structures for their game called Ullamaliztli, which was a game played using a rubber ball.


Aztec Jobs – Common Aztec People, Farmers, Craftsmen, Construction etc. There were a variety of Aztec jobs for the common people of Aztec society. For example, they could be small farmers who cultivated their own land and mainly grew corn. Various other kinds of crops included tomatoes, beans, onions, cocoa beans, and others.


The Aztecs conquered the surrounding peoples. However the Aztecs did not usually rule other nations. Instead they forced them to pay tribute (goods like gold, feathers, weapons and precious stones). The Aztec 'empire', was more like a collection of states dominated by the Aztecs.