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In the modern-day Democratic Republic of the Congo, men and women most commonly pair the traditional pagne with western elements to create an outfit that draws on both types of dress. As of 2014, western clothing as a whole has become rather popular in the country, and a mix of styles are commonly present.


Men wear a dashiki-style long shirt, or a button down shirt and long pants. During the Mobutu dictatorship suit jackets and ties were banned, but now Western clothing is common, especially among the upper class men. Travelers to the Democratic Republic of Congo should make sure their clothing choices offer them coverage against insect bites.


Sources: The men traditionally wear a "dashiki-style long shirt" or button down shirt and long pants. During the Mobutu Dictatorship suits and ties were banned, but now even the wealthy upperclassmen have adapted to the western wear. Hats and headwraps are very popular in the


The culture of the Democratic Republic of the Congo is extremely diverse, reflecting the great diversity and different customs which exist in the country. Congolese culture combines the influence of tradition to the region, but also combines influences from abroad which arrived during the era of colonization and has continued to have a strong influence, without destroying the individuality of ...


Congo jazz and soukous, played on a guitar, are popular varieties for such dances. Traditional instruments, such as the thumb piano and various drums, are often used to accompany singers and dancers, who may be singing about anything from love and gender roles to issues of power abuse and government.


The Democratic Republic of Congo, briefly named Congo, is a country in central Africa. Its name was formerly Zaire. The word Kongo means hunter in Kikongo, one of the languages in the country. The country has about 66 million inhabitants. The traditional dress in the country is a pagne.


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A folk costume (also regional costume, national costume, or traditional garment) expresses an identity through costume, which is usually associated with a geographic area or a period of time in history.It can also indicate social, marital or religious status. If the costume is used to represent the culture or identity of a specific ethnic group, it is usually known as ethnic costume (also ...


Clothing in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is no different from other African Nations. The females wear bright clothing with red as the predominant colour and the men wear shirts and trousers. Most school children wear white shirts. The boys shorts and the girls a skirt.