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The theme of “The Jungle Book” covers the important relationships in a human’s life and the relationship that everyone has with nature. “The Jungle Book” also covers qualities such as loyalty, courage, tradition, honor, persistence and integrity.


Ideas for a jungle-themed book fair include hanging maps and murals depicting jungle environments, decorating with plush jungle animals, playing jungle sound effects, displaying jungle-themed student artwork and featuring jungle-themed books in central displays. Schools...


Decorating a room with a jungle theme is a great way to bring a sense of escape to your decor. Focus on natural materials and use repeating themes of jungle animals and plants to create a tropical and exotic feel.


Kaa, pronounced Kar, is the snake's name in "The Jungle Book." He is a python. Kipling based this name on the hissing sound snakes make with an open mouth.


The orangutan in the Disney film "The Jungle Book" is named King Louie. This character does not appear in the original stories written by Rudyard Kipling.


The name of the tiger in "The Jungle Book" is Shere Khan. "The Jungle Book" is an animated film that was released by Disney in 1967. Shere Khan was voiced by George Sanders.


In Rudyard Kipling's "The Jungle Book," the name of the panther is Bagheera. This character takes pity on the child Mowgli when Mother Wolf and Father Wolf of the Seeonee wolf pack are fighting to keep him, so Bagheera offers to sponsor Mowgli.