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What is the real meaning, or theme, of Phantom of the Opera? I'm doing it for a paper. I need to know the real meaning of it, or the theme, like whats the truth behind it. Like "the grass is always greener on the other side" sort of thing.


And though you turn from me - To glance behind The Phantom of the opera is there - Inside your mind [CHRISTINE:] Tarja - Those who have seen your face Draw back in fear - I am the mask you wear


2. The names and ages of the real von Trapp children were changed for the film. In actuality, the eldest von Trapp child was not 16-going-on-17-year-old Liesl, but Rupert, who was born in 1911 and ...


Haunt of the "Phantom of the Opera" and the setting for Degas's famous ballet paintings, the Garnier is still the most opulent theater in the world. You can see the theater and lobby ...


NewspaperSG - NewspaperSG - The Straits Times, 3 November 1962


The upcoming video game The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth II (PC, Feb 2006) ships with a Collector's Edition of the game packed with interviews, trailers, behind-the-scenes info, a full DVD of content and a whole lot more.


It was such a pleasure to capture Geoff and Tam's Wedding as my last wedding video (or maybe last one for a while). Firstly amazing couple, both humble, with incredible character and callings. And ...


Russian researchers in the late 1940s kept five people awake for fifteen days using an experimental gas based stimulant. They were kept in a sealed environment to carefully monitor their oxygen intake so the gas didn't kill them, since it was toxic in high concentrations. This was before closed circuit cameras so they had only microphones and five inch thick glass porthole sized windows into ....


THE 365 QUIZ ANSWERS . Answers - The 365 Quiz 1. THE 365 QUIZ ANSWERS 2.


Hanoi'd with Jane Claim: Jane Fonda betrayed U.S. POWs during the Viet Nam War. Status: Multiple: During a 1972 trip to North Vietnam, Jane Fonda propagandized on behalf of the North Vietnamese government, declared that American POWs were being treated humanely and condemned U.S. soldiers as "war criminals" and later denounced them as liars for claiming they had been tortured: True.