The smallest video file formats are WMV, FLV, MPEG-4 and RealVideo. These formats can be used to create videos or to stream them. More »

In general, Windows Media Video, or WMV, provides the best quality in the smallest size. Besides format, however, codecs and other aspects of video rendering make huge differences to the size. More »

The YouTube Video Converter supports several different audio and video formats, including mp3, aac, wma, flac and wma. The conversion service for these file formats is offered free of charge. More » Technology Software

To convert FLV to WMV, Upload your FLV file to Zamzar, a free online conversion service that specializes in converting files to WMV and other formats. You need an FLV file and a computer with Internet access. More » Technology Software

Using efficient video coding formats, a 2 gigabyte memory card can hold around five hours of video content with audio. Compression techniques and settings can increase the amount, but at the cost of video quality. More »

The Flash Video file, or FLV, is a video format of Adobe Systems. This file format shows up as embedded video on many Internet pages, and playing an FLV file requires an application that supports it. Alternatively, you c... More » Technology Software

A Digital Concepts card reader is a device that is able to connect multiple formats of memory cards to a computer through a USB port. Memory card readers interact with a computer in the same manner as a USB flash drive. More » Technology Digital Storage