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The sentence for armed robbery depends on the laws of the charging state, and the punishment varies from five years in prison to life in prison, as explained by FreeAdvice. Another sentencing factor is if the state considers the armed robbery to be aggravated robbery.


Robbery Sentencing: Restitution and Other Penalties. In addition to prison, probation, and other sentences, statutes may also establish other forms of punishment, such as fines, community service, and restitution. Defendants who are unable to pay restitution to the victims may be ordered to perform community service instead.


However, the law for unarmed robbery varies from one state to another and that is why the sentence for unarmed robbery also varies from one state to the next. On the whole, the fact that unarmed robbery is a second degree felony means that it is not as serious as armed robbery or aggravated robbery.


Robbery cases can result in a major felony conviction in Michigan and often result in a jail or prison sentence. Unarmed robbery in Michigan can bring damaging criminal penalties, and the use of any force or threats against anyone present can further amplify the potential criminal penalties.


Section 19: Robbery by unarmed person; punishment; victim sixty or older; minimum sentence for repeat offenders Section 19. (a) Whoever, not being armed with a dangerous weapon, by force and violence, or by assault and putting in fear, robs, steals or takes from the person of a person sixty years or older, or from his immediate control, money or other property which may be the subject of ...


Michigan's sentencing guidelines state that: 750.530 (Unarmed Robbery) is a crime against a person and is punishable by a maximum imprisonment of no more than 15 years, unless, you fall under ...


If convicted of first offense unarmed robbery of a person sixty years or older, the crime is punishable by life imprisonment or imprisonment for a term of years in state prison. In addition, Massachusetts imposes a mandatory minimum of two years imprisonment for any subsequent offender. Defenses to Unarmed Robbery


Sentencing and Punishment of Bank Robbery. ... Bank robbery sentences depend on many factors including the severity of the crime and whether a deadly weapon was present during the commission of the crime. In addition, if a death resulted from the crime, whether by accident, or intended, the charges will also include felony murder.


Canada. In Canada, the Criminal Code makes robbery an indictable offence, subject to a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.If the accused uses a restricted or prohibited firearm to commit robbery, there is a mandatory minimum sentence of five years for the first offence, and seven years for subsequent offences.


Extra curial punishment – The effect that a harsh penalty may have upon someone’s employment, travel and membership with associations It is possible for all offenders charged with robbery and extortion to avoid a criminal conviction if the court makes an order under section 10 Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Act.