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So, now you know the secret. Submitting the question that you’ve already entered the answer for and clicking OK will result in Peter providing your answer. The person next to you who’s watching will be astounded and flabbergasted by the amazing accuracy of this virtual tarot.


What is Peter Answers Virtual Tarot (also referred to as Peter Please Answer)? The website "Peter Answers Virtual Tarot" is a simple entertainment site which is free to use.


How to Use Peter Answers. If you love to play tricks on your friends or family members, lead them to a computer and introduce them to Peter. Have them choose a question, type it in, and Peter will amaze everyone in the room. But you alone...


What is the secret to Peter Answers 3.0 ? ... What is the secret behind peter answers? Answer Questions. Why did my question disappear? Just because I asked anonymously? Where can I, as a posh person m/class person, go on holiday and avoid thick people with tattoos? Do you go on to Yahoo answers seeking only what you want to hear?


How to do Peter Answers: Peter Answers Trick. We will show you how Peter Answers work. If you want to make people fool and play your trick then you just have to go on https://peteranswers.info site. What is peter answers? Peter answers is a prank website to trick your friends into believing that Peter knows everything. In this article, I am ...


peter answers is just a program on the internet and the trick is; go to peteranswers.com. As you can see, the engine is based on making a petition before we ask the question,For this example we are going to ask: "What’s on the table?", what "Peter" will answer: "Two remote controllers".,Let’s start with the trick: Instead of writing the petition, we will insert a &quo...


The trick to the virtual tarot fortune teller Peter Answers is the "Petition" field where the person who playing the prank supposedly types "Peter, please answer:" In reality, however, the person playing the prank is already typing the answer on the petition field without the other observers noticing.


Trick or Hack to use Peter Answers What is peter answers? Peter Answers is nothing but just is prank website. In this article we unblock Peter answers by telling you that Peter doesn't predict anything, it is used by your friends to trick you and fool you.


Peter answers was a freaky website for me! Whenever my 2 brothers put something in it would have the answer! I felt like someone was watching me until I went on you tube and found a tutorial how ...


Peter Answers - The trick: Instructions: How does Peter Answers work? Here we teach you how to use this Virtual Tarot to answer all your questions.