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What Is the Scrap Price for Lead? According to RecycleINme, the scrap price of lead was about 49 cents per pound between February and March of 2014. This is roughly half the spot price of lead, which, according to Kitco metals, was about 92 cents during the same period.


Improper disposal of lead can contaminate water and have a very negative impact on the environment. Additionally, lead scrap is very valuable, because, the price of lead pays well. Call us to get information on how to recycle lead and the best price for recycling! Types of Lead Scrap to Recycle. Auto Batteries (Lead Acid Batteries) Soft / Hard Lead


Soft Lead Scrap Price $US / Lb USA, North America - Soft Lead Scrap Current, Previous Prices,Historical Price Charts,Price Calculator,News


Scrap Metal Price List. ... The prices listed here are for small quantities only. For large quantities, please call us. All prices are subject to change at any time based on market conditions. Prices are a best effort estimate and should not be used as a quotation. ... LEAD SCRAP. Miscellaneous Lead 0.45/LB Plastic Cased Lead Acid Batteries ...


The Rockaway Recycling website has constantly been updated with the current scrap metal prices and price for scrap lead. We want to provide as much information about our current prices to our scrap customers. The lead scrap price can always be seen on our website, but you can also view the historical prices for lead scrap on our website.


Rockaway Recycling posts daily Scrap Metal Prices of all the accepted materials at our scrap yard. Check our list of materials to see if we accept yours. ... Lead Batteries, and A123 Batteries. Contact Us Today! ... Current Scrap Metal Prices Current Scrap Metal Prices At Rockaway Recycling, in Rockaway, New Jersey ...


Lead Scrap Prices United States,China,India,UK. Current Scrap lead Price USD/LB, CNY/MT, Rupee/Ton on 19, April 2019. Current Prices of Lead Scrap Grades Scrap Auto Batteries Scrap,Lead Wheel Weights Scrap,Lead-Solid Lead Scrap,Range Lead-Bullets that have been fired Scrap,Soft Lead Scrap


An incredibly malleable and soft metal, Lead is used for a variety of different reasons, and therefore can be an attractive product for scrap dealers. Crucially, it must be free of pitch and tar, and those dealing with lead should be careful to avoid lead contamination and poisoning. This is usually best left to a trained professional to asses.


Lead Prices Revealed. Normally, lead prices per pound vary by the purchaser and the quality of the lead refuse. Still, a simple understanding of what to expect in price and practice helps professionals like you get the best payday on your product. More than just a number, this article gives insight into the range in price of lead scrap.


WE WILL BUY ALL OF YOUR SCRAP METAL! CMC Recycling in Independence is a full-service metals recycler that welcomes all commercial and industrial businesses, brokers, dealers and individuals looking to sell their scrap metal. We work closely with each of our customers to determine your scrap management requirements and how best to serve you.