A terminal block is used to fasten or terminate wires. It is often used to connect wiring to a ground or electrical switches and outlets to the mains supply. A simple design has several single terminals positioned in a l... More »

AutomationDirect.com is a company that offers plug-in terminal blocks and has won awards for its technical support for the parts it sells. Plug-in terminal blocks differ in purpose and compatibility, and each must have i... More »

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In order to properly wire terminal blocks, the correct type must be chosen, which varies according to the type of application for which it is being used. The terminal block must then have each wire correctly installed in... More »

To repair a table lamp switch, replace the bulb, tighten or reattach any loosely attached or broken terminal wires inside the socket respectively if the new bulb fails to light, and then replace the socket if the bulb st... More »

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To replace an electric plug connector, cut off the damaged plug, open the replacement plug to reach the terminal screws inside, attach wires and then reassemble the replacement plug. When replacing, the black or colored ... More »

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To wire a plug, strip the wires with wire strippers, thread them onto their respective terminals, and fasten them with terminal screws. Insert the cover, and test the plug. You need wire strippers, a craft knife, a screw... More »

A ground fault circuit interrupter, or GFCI, reduces the risk of electric shock and prevents fires caused by sparks produced when live wires touch a metal conduit. GFCI devices detect when a current travels through unint... More »

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