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The polar bear's ecological niche is that of a specialized predator of seals. Polar bears are the most carnivorous (meat eaters) of all the bear species, and their diet mainly consists of ringed seals and larger bearded seals.


The polar bear has adapted to live in the harsh tundra biome. The polar bear is a heterotroph meaning that it cannot synthesize its own food and eats other organisms. Polar bears are endothermic signifying that they are warm blooded and do not need heat from the sun to live. The polar bear is a tertiary consumer…


The polar bears niche is to eat walruses,fishes,and seals. Alsoto take care of its babies for 2 years. The niche of the polar bear is an apex predator.


An ecological niche is the role and position a species has in its environment; how it meets its needs for food and shelter, how it survives, and how it reproduces. A species' niche includes all of ...


The term niche, when used in the science of ecological biology, is used to define an organism's role in an ecosystem.Not only does its niche include the environment that a given organism lives in, but it also includes the organism's "job" in that environment.


Alteration of an ecological niche by its inhabitants is the topic of niche construction. The majority of species exist in a standard ecological niche, sharing behaviors, adaptations, and functional traits similar to the other closely related species within the same broad taxonomic class, but there are exceptions.


The polar bears niche is to eat walruses,fishes,and seals. Also to take care of its babies for 2 years.The niche of the polar bear is an apex predator.


HABITAT and NICHE The best habitat for black bears in Vermont is a mixture of coniferous trees, hardwoods, wetlands, and different terrains. Because they need thick cover to escape danger, black bears prefer rough and wooded habitats.


Presented by: 5881011 Piraya (Ice) 5881139 Kunananya (June) 5881142 Nalatpohn (Nampeung) Mahidol University International College This video is a part of ICBI382 Systematic-Biology and ...


Habitat- Polar bears inhabit the ice floes surrounding the North Pole.They can be found in Canada, Alaska and even the southern shores of Greenland and Iceland. Niche -Polar bears are carnivorous, preying mostly on seals.They often lay in wait for their prey, staking out a seal’s breathing hole in the ice and attacking when the marine mammals resurface.