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Butterflies are eaten by a variety of predators, including birds and reptiles. While adult butterflies fly and primarily consume nectar, their larvae, or caterpillars, are terrestrial herbivores. Caterpillars are equipped with large, powerful jaws to cut and chew leaves. Thus, caterpillars occupy a different niche than butterflies do.


The fact that hundreds of butterfly species can coexist in one area is proof that each species has its own unique niche to realize. Additionally, a butterfly "changes its ecological niche entirely ...


What is a butterfly niche? Butterflies sometimes help pollinate flowers which helps the flowers live. As larvae, they also feed on leaves or aphids (in the case of the harvester).


Monarch Butterfly: Habitat, Range and Niche The Caterpillar Niche/ Role By: Almira, Isha, and Sanya - plays no major role - the egg is placed on the milkweed plant by the mother and within 3-15 days the egg hatches The Egg ACTIVITY Diet: Herbivore Average life span in the wild:


What Does the Butterfly Do for Nature? By Julia Fuller. SAVE; When an adult butterfly lands on a flower to suck some delicious nectar through its proboscis, it accidentally gathers pollen on its body as it rubs against the anther. The butterfly rubs some of the pollen on the next flower it moves to and collects some more.


Butterflies conjure up images of sunshine, the warmth and colour of flowery meadows, and summer gardens teaming with life. Sadly, four butterflies became extinct during the last 150 years. Three-quarters of British butterflies are in decline. The 56 species in Britain and Ireland are under threat today from unprecedented environmental change.


The monarch "changes its ecological niche entirely when it transforms from a caterpillar to an adult butterfly," says Dr. Brower. "They are two ecologically different organisms, as distinct as a field mouse and a hummingbird." Q. Define the term 'niche.' A.


[Repost] Why are butterflies important? This was a question posed to the school children that visited my butterfly farm in Texas. Eager little hands would shoot up into the air and answers such as “because they are beautiful” or “because they make me happy” were shared.And the truth is these answers were absolutely correct.


A butterfly chrysalis - the final larval stage before the adult butterfly emerges - is vulnerable because it is anchored to rocks, plants or other structures. Adult butterflies typically only live from a few weeks to about a month, as a result of both a naturally short life span and predation.


Found in Europe, New Zealand, and Australia Live in trees, and become semi-dormant in the winter. Predators consist of : Spiders, ants, mites, and wasps which feed on the butterfly eggs. Mice, voles, and certain birds (ex. Black Beaked Oriole) are predators in the butterflies