Tattoo meanings are often very personal to the individual, but an umbrella tattoo can be a symbol of protection, shelter, transportation and even magic. Some of the umbrella's symbolism may come from the traditional para... More »

Lion tattoos are often associated with pride and strength, but different designs have other meanings. Lions are the animal for the Zodiac sign Leo, and they also have significance in Chinese culture. More »

A spider web tattoo historically signifies a struggle or inability to escape a situation and is often associated with prison tattoos, with the spider web representing prison bars. Modern versions of the spider web tattoo... More »

Tribal wings in a tattoo are seen as a symbol of guidance and protection. Wings are used as a symbol of freedom as well, indicating that the person with the tattoo embraces life fully. Angel wings can also be seen as a s... More » Beauty & Fashion Body Art Tattoos

Japanese snake tattoos are a symbol of wisdom and good luck. The body art can also convey strength and change. Some people get the tattoo to symbolize protection from bad fortune or sickness. More »

According to TattooMeNow, a baby angel tattoo is a symbol for God's messengers. Baby angel tattoos are often used as memorial tributes and are sometimes designed in the form of Cupid. More »

A star tattoo is a symbol of hope and truth. The star also symbolizes the divine light that shines in all human beings. A tattoo on the foot is popular among women and is particularly attractive when worn with high-heele... More »