The meaning of a funeral resolution is to provide a rite of passage for the surviving members of a deceased family member and allows the family's church to officially offer its support and to mourn the passing of the dec... More » Holidays & Celebrations

Several examples of a resolution for a funeral are found on Since resolutions differ from eulogies and follow a specific format, and provide examples and direc... More »

Funeral resolutions are documents that memorialize a deceased person by detailing their relationship to God, their family and community. A pastor or other clergy member reads the resolution during the funeral, and then o... More » Holidays & Celebrations

Ask each member to invite personal friends and family members to church. Set up special sections or booths honoring the guests. Make a bulletin board or a large welcoming sign, and hang it over the doorway or outside the... More »

Some common thank you sayings for a funeral include "Thank you for your thoughtfulness," "Our family wishes to convey our sincerest appreciation" and "We are really thankful for your support during our time of loss." More » Holidays & Celebrations

Funeral tributes can range from a speech given by a friend or family member to specific rituals to remind mourners of the person who passed. These rituals could include a wide variety of options including a personalized ... More »

Paperman and Sons provides pre-planning and aftercare services for the interment of a family member, as of 2015. They specialize in the Jewish religious practices and customs of funerals and Shivas in the providence of M... More » Holidays & Celebrations