A betta fish tattoo symbolizes the love of freedom, a defiant spirit and shows a love of personal individuality. Getting a betta fish tattoo is a common way to identify with the aggressive behavior, territorial tendencie... More »

Koi fish tattoos represent good fortune and luck. However, different cultures pull different meanings from the Japanese carp, depending on various factors such as color. More »

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A music tattoo can symbolize love of music, passion, hope and energy. Music is loved and appreciated by most people and inspires many emotions, making it a popular tattoo design for both men and women. More »

A dead gypsy tattoo symbolizes the loss of someone that was greatly loved. It is generally used in the Meso-American culture, and the symbol is prominent on the Day of the Dead. More »

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According to folklore and various cultural beliefs worldwide, a ladybug tattoo symbolizes good luck, happiness and good fortune. Killing one, however, brings misfortune and sadness. In France, if a ladybug lands on an il... More »

A puzzle piece tattoo symbolizes autism. The puzzle piece logo is the universal symbol for autism, and many people get this logo, or some form of it, inked onto their skin to show support for a loved one. More »

A bear paw tattoo symbolizes a personality of both gentleness and strength, and is sometimes associated with Native American culture. While the symbolism may vary depending on the tattoo's wearer, typical meanings are co... More »