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Hardware refers to the physical pieces of a computer while software refers to the programs stored within it. Both are essential to the operation of computers.


Hardware is the computer’s physical parts that can be seen and touched, while software is the operating system and applications consisting of coded instructions enabling the computer to perform complex tasks. Hardware components include a processor, a monitor, memory, a keyboard, a mouse or track pa


Software refers to a program or a set of instructions and applications used to manage and control various functions of a device such as a computer. Unlike hardware, which represents a physical part of a device, software is virtual.


Computer hardware is a physical portion of a computer system and is generally tasked with functions specific to that type of equipment, while software is a set of instructions for hardware to follow in performing a specific task. However, the line between software and hardware is not always distinct


Examples of computer hardware include a keyboard, mouse and monitor. Computer hardware is any physical equipment that is used to make up your computer. All of the individual equipment inside of a computer is also hardware, including the hard disk, motherboard, memory and any disk drives.


Communication hardware is a term that refers to the physical pieces of equipment used to transfer information from one computing device to another. Modems and routers are examples of communication hardware. There are a number of different types of hardware that may be used to transfer data.


Examples of computer hardware include central processing units, motherboards, random access memory, video cards, power supplies, hard drives, optical drives, keyboards, monitors, mice and speakers. Computer hardware is all the physical components of a computer as opposed to the digital components, s


Some hardware courses that are part of electrical and computer engineering programs are Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering, Digital Signal Processing, Computer Architecture, Embedded Systems Design and Computer Vision. ECE-related sofware courses include Engineering Software Design,


In order for a computer to function, it requires hardware and software; however, operating this machine requires human beings who are also referred to as peopleware. Without these three components, the world of computer technology would not exist as it does today.


Computer hardware maintenance deals with repairing and replacing broken and failing computer hardware. Preventative maintenance plays a role as well. Many medium and large companies rely on computer maintenance to ensure that their equipment is able to cope with demand.