Depending on required resolution, the maximum length of a VGA cable varies between 30 meters for lower resolutions to only 7.5 meters for higher resolutions. The signal that travels through a VGA cable is analog, which d... More »

If a TV has a VGA input port, then plugging a VGA cable into it allows it to send a computer video signal from the computer to the TV. Not all televisions have VGA ports on them. Instead, many have HDMI or other input po... More »

The specs for the 2015 Volkswagen Caddy Maxi include: a load capacity of 4.2 cubic meters, a maximum load length of 2.25 meters, a maximum payload of 734 kilograms, and a two-liter turbocharged direct injection EU6 diese... More » Vehicles Car Makes & Models

The terms VGA and SVGA, also known as video graphics array and super video graphics array, refer to the maximum video quality that can be viewed from a selected sourced and SVGA offers a better quality picture as opposed... More » Technology Computers & Hardware Monitor

VGA cameras produce images that are 640 pixels in width by 480 pixels in height, for a total of 307,200 pixels. A VGA camera produces low-resolution images and is equivalent to a 0.3-megapixel camera. The file size for i... More »

VGA and RGB are different but related terms that are used to describe video technology. RGB, which stands for red, green and blue, is a color model used in a wide variety of applications. VGA, or video graphics array, is... More »

A VGA monitor can be connected to and used with a DVD player with an extra component called a converter. There may be a variety of connections that need to be taken into account. More »